100g Tea Flower Mini Bing 茶花小餅

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100.00 Grams
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Tea Flower Mini Bing (茶花小餅, Chá Huā Xiǎo Bǐng, Tea Flower Mini Bing) These 100 gram mini bings are composed of the flowers of Pu'er tea trees. Tea is part of the genus Camellia. Its cousins are grown throughout the world as ornamentals for their beautiful flowers. While less dramatic than most ornamental Camellia, tea flowers are unique in that they can be pressed, aged, and steeped like Pu'er tea. The dried flowers are tan in color and are not floral as one might expect, but rather earthy and leathery, with a robust mouthfeel and smoky sweetness. 

Tea flowers contain much less caffeine than tea leaves but a comparable amount of the catechins associated with many of the beneficial properties of tea. Cakes of tea flowers are difficult to produce because they are susceptible to spoilage until they've fully cured. These cakes are from the 2020 harvest of Nannuo Mountain Big Leaf Pu'er tea plants.