100g 2018 Immortal Dew Mini Bing 神仙古樹生茶小餅

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2018 Immortal Dew Mini Bing (100g) (神仙古樹生茶小餅, Shén Xiān Gǔ Shù Shēng Chá Xiǎo Bǐng, "Immortal Ancient Tree Sheng Tea Little Bing") - This tea is a single-farm, single-mountain ancient tree Sheng Pu'er tea grown and processed by master Li Shulin of Nannuo mountain. It is a blend of three ancient tree patches on Nannuo mountain: Douyi, Banpo, Shitou. These patches are known for their sweet, fragrant, and bitter characters respectively that produce a balanced blend. Limited quantities of ancient tree material mean that producing one large batch of a blend of different patches is more economical than focusing on specific ancient tree patches, although the market has been tending more toward the single-patch teas as consumers grow more sophisticated. This balanced, easy-to-steep tea makes a great introduction to the soft, sweet character and uplifting Qi of high quality ancient tree sheng Pu'er without being prohibitively expensive. The 2018 batch is full-flavored and robust, showcasing a broad spectrum of pungent floral fragrances typical of fresh Ancient Tree Nannuo Sheng.