2021 Gu Shu Sheng Tea Coin 古樹生茶幣

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7.00 Grams
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2021 Gu Shu Sheng Tea Coin (古樹生茶幣, Gǔ Shù Shēng Chá Bì , "Ancient Tree Sheng Tea Coin") - These tiny bings are made from Gǔ Shù 古树茶 (Ancient Tree), single-farm Nannuo Mountain 2019 Sheng Pu'er. They are pressed by a unique device specifically designed to produce tiny bings from whole leaf tea. This fresh Sheng Pu'er is sourced exclusively from centuries-old trees by the Li family of Nannuo Mountain. When steeped at low temperature (~190 F), this tea yields a green-gold infusion with a crisp sweet taste, a hint of bitterness, and a distant floral fragrance that is both refreshing and stimulating. The coin is mostly loosened after the 2nd or 3rd steeping and behaves the same as loose leaf tea.

These seven gram mico bings are as delicious as they are adorable. Made of high-grade whole leaf tea, the unique flat shape allows the leaves to be pressed while maintaining their integrity. They're perfect for making tea on the go, each capable of brewing one hearty pot (or two little pots if you break them in half). The leaves quickly sink the bottom rather than floating, making them ideal to steep in a mug or cup. The coin shape hearkens back to the ancient use of Pu'er as currency on the Ancient Tea Horse Road.

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    Posted by Jacob Panici on Feb 2nd 2022

    This is perhaps one of my favorite teas. I'm not a bribeable person, but you could buy my life with these coins. OK, that's hyperbole, but still. I really love the funky funky funky in this fresh Sheng. That funky flavor is so unique, and I'm in love with it. Besides being funky, you get a smidge of bitterness, and of course it tastes more like green tea being fresh puer. It's not bitter though. You can certainly get some nice flavors out of this tea if you brew it right. If you're big into funky tea, I highly recommend. The price is good too.