2021 Red Tea Coin 曬乾紅茶幣

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7.00 Grams
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2021 Red Tea Coin (曬乾紅茶幣, Shài Gān Hóng Chá Bì, "Sun-Dried Red Tea Coin") - A new addition to our family of Nannuo Mountain tea coins, this tiny cake is actually a micro-sized 7g bing pressed from whole-leaf Nannuo Mountain Sun-Dried Red Tea. Red tea, which is the fully-oxidized species of tea known in the West as black tea, has a warming character, is dark red in color when steeped, and has a satisfying back-of-the-mouth flavor. The process of massaging and sun-drying the tea results in a fruity, sweet profile with low astringency. Each coin represents a full gong fu-sized pot of tea and makes 7-10 full-bodied steepings in a 100-150ml vessel. They're perfect for keeping in a desk or a bag, bringing to friend's houses when you don't want to transport a bunch of loose leaves, and are easy to tuck inside of a teapot, gaiwan, or travel set. They're also highly suitable for grandpa-style steeping in a big teapot or thermos, make great gifts, and confusing Halloween treats.