Chanuka Bundle

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茶g Urim Sameach, aka Happy 茶nuka. 

Celebrate the festival of lights with tea. This year's package includes a dreidel, 8 Nannuo Mountain Autumn Harvest Red Tea gelt, a Bat and Cloud gaiwan, and samples of Butterfly Pea as well as 3 teas with gold in the name: Gold Thread Honey Orchid and Golden Turtle oolongs, as well as the new Gold Tooth 2008 Shu Pu'er. The tea coins are made from the 2021 autumn harvest of Li Shulin's Nannuo Mountain tea and represent the first of his comeback harvest to be made available on the site. We included the Butterfly Pea because it's blue and doesn't have caffeine, so you can drink it late with the kids.


צ'ג אורים סמח