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Crescent Handle Teapot Set by Hector Kriete

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1,100.00 Grams
550ml (pot) 40-50 ml (cups)

This remarkable tea set was created by Austin potter Hector Kriete of Kriete Stoneware. The body features a beautiful blue-green glaze that appears matte and turquoise in places and luminous jade in others; the lid is glazed in a red and white crackle glaze. The knob of the handle is in the form of a knot or ring, made of pieces individually thrown on a wheel and glazed black. The elegant handle consists of three thin limbs extending up from the back of the put, uniting into a curved, black-glazed grip that resembles a katana. The slender handle is only able to support this large pot because the elements of the handle are thrown individually on a wheel and cut out of a larger form. Throwing on a wheel lines up the particles in the clay, compresses it, and produces a much stronger form than hand-building. Small circular indentations throughout the pot give the whole set a very cephalopodian effet. This large pot holds 550 ml, and the four matching cups hold 40-50 each. A unique set for a unique tea lover.