Dai Clay Justice Cup 傣陶公道杯

Liang Tu Studio

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175.00 Grams
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These handleless ceramic Gong Dao Bei, or Justice Cups, are produced by Liang Tu Studio. They're handmade from Dai clay. They feature the precise drip-free pour that is the hallmark of Liang Tu justice cups, and a variety of designs drawing from traditional Dai motifs. They range in size from 175 - 250 ml. 

The Dai people are one of China's ethnic minority groups. Related to the Thai, Laos, and Khmer people of Southeast Asia, their pottery tradition goes back thousands of years. Liang Tu studio is a husband and wife team specializing in hand-thrown gong fu teaware made using traditional Dai clay and techniques. 

The Justice Cup is a secondary vessel designed to consolidate and collect the tea steeped in the primary vessel - usually a teapot or gaiwan - so that everyone being served gets an even steeping of tea.