Dai Peacock Feather Wood-Fired Tea Bowl 傣族柴烧孔雀羽茶碗

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100.00 Grams
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Dai Peacock Feather Wood-Fired Tea Bowl (傣族柴燒孔雀羽茶碗, Dǎi Zú Chái Shāo Kǒng Què Yǔ Chá Wǎn “Dai Ethnicity Wood-Fired Peacock Feather Tea Bowls") - These handmade tea bowls are wheel-thrown, decorated, and wood-fired by Liang Tu studio of Xishuangbanna in their own wood kiln. They feature a stylized peacock feather motif. The Dai are one of China's ethnic minorities, and these wares draw on their 5,000-year-old pottery tradition. The peacock is sacred to the Dai and features heavily in their art and architecture.