Dai Wood-Fired Gaiwan 傣陶柴烧盖碗

Liang Tu Studio

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200.00 Grams
115 mL
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Dai Wood-Fired Gaiwan (傣陶柴烧盖碗, Dǎi Táo Chái Shāo Gàiwǎn, “Dai Pottery Wood-Fired Gaiwan") - This 115 mL gaiwan is hand-thrown by the Liang Tu Studio of Xishuangbanna and fired on-site in their wood kiln. It is made from Dai clay, drawing on traditional ceramics techniques of the Dai ethnicity. The beautiful "toasted marshmallow" finish of this piece comes from the natural wood ash glaze of the kiln falling on the piece and melting from the high heat. The high-fired, vitrified clay can be used for any kind of tea.