Dai Wood-Fired Tea Cup 傣族柴烧茶杯

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100.00 Grams
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Dai Wood-Fired Tea Cup (傣族柴燒茶杯, Dǎizú Chái Shāo Chábēi, "Dai Ethnicity Wood-Fired Tea Cups") - Liang Tu Studio in Xishuangbanna built and operates their own wood kiln, producing gorgeous hand-made wood-fired wares in the tradition of the Dai ethnicity. One of the things they produce the most of in these firings are assorted tea cups/tea bowls. Sometimes these are produced as sets, or sometimes they are individual pieces. All of them are completely unique, handmade, and sometimes ornamented with unique artistic expressions inspired by traditional Dai motifs. 

These pieces may be considered large cups are small bowls. The textured wood-ash glaze that coats the surface of these cups makes them especially pleasant to hold, and the dynamic environment of the wood kiln lends each piece a distinctive appearance. The summer cups, speckled cups, drip cups and cobalt design cups comprise two-cup sets (although they are sold separately), while the Tea Leaf cup is the only piece of its kind in this firing.