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Holy Flame Dai Gaiwan

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160.00 Grams

A stunning and dynamic gaiwan from the Liang Tu Studio. This piece is thrown from a light, sandy-red Dai clay body and decorated with red Dai clay slip which has been hand-carved into distinctive Dai motifs. The lid features a radiating band of red temple flame that gives this gaiwan its name, set against a field of straight lines. The exterior lip of the bowl features repeating single-line leaves carved directly into the clay body alternating with red slip dots. The lower exterior portion of the bowl continues the leaf motif with abstract tea leaves pointing upwards on a field of inverted concentric triangles. The foot of the gaiwan features a dramatic pattern of extremely fine, hand-carved vertical lines that brings balance and stability to the aesthetic. The outside is unglazed, while the inside has a thin layer of natural wood-ash glaze that seals the interior.

The Liang Tu studio consists of a married couple; the husband is part of the eponymous Dai ethnic group and the wife is Han. They've been producing Han-style tea wares (ie gong fu tea ware) with a Dai flare, using Dai clay, for half a decade. Each one of our Liang Tu wares is handmade and absolutely unique. Dai clay holds heat well and will develop a patina if unglazed. This wood-ash glazed gaiwan can be used with any kind of tea without being dedicated. Being from Yunnan, Dai pottery is well-suited for use with Pu'er due to its chemical and thermal properties.