Internal Gong Fu Cha 05/30

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30.00 Grams
Includes Tea:
Saturday May 30, 12PM - 3PM

How does drinking tea make you feel?  How does steeping tea make you feel?  How do those feelings relate to your effect on the tea, and the tea's effect on you, your body, and those you serve?  At its deepest level, tea is plant medicine, and serving tea is energy work.  
In this third class on the art of Gong Fu Cha, we fine-tune our sense for the enigmatic sensation known as Cha Qi.  We will learn hands-on techniques for tapping into our senses and our intuition to better perceive the Qi of a tea from its fragrance through to its taste and the tea drunk it produces.  We will also learn how to harness the information given to us by the tea and feed it back into the tea to amplify its Qi.  
An important part of this course is that we all be drinking the exact same teas so that we can compare our notes from a common baseline experience.  Tuition for this class includes 10g each of three different teas that we will be focusing on practicing with.  Registration ends 1 week before the class starts to ensure that students have enough time to receive the teas for the course.  For this reason, until timing on international orders is more certain, this class is only available to students in the United States.  We hope to open it up to international students in the future.
It is recommended that students take the first two classes (Intro to Gong Fu Cha and Advanced Gong Fu Cha) first before taking this class, because we will need the full class time to focus on internal energetic techniques - we won't be covering most physical techniques.  Students with experience and a strong command of Gong Fu Cha already are also welcome. 
You will need:
1.  A tea set, ideally with both a gaiwan and a tea pot.
2.  High quality water - either spring water or remineralized filtered or RO water (low quality water can interfere with the experience of the tea)
3.  Tea will be provided in advance. 10g each of Qian Nian Ye Sheng 千年野生生茶, Welcoming Spring 迎春, and 1990 Lao Cong 老欉.