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Mary Cotterman "Blue Storm" Summer Cups

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85.00 Grams

This is a limited run of cups made by North Carolina potter Mary Cotterman. Made of a dark clay body with a ghostly blue glazed interior, these ~60 ml cups are hand-thrown. The term "summer cups" refers to the open, shallow form of the cup - a design which allows the tea to cool more quickly in the hot summer months. 

Mary Cotterman has been part of the West China Tea family since the formation of the company. In 2015 she traveled with So-Han to China, where she undertook a serious study of Chaozhou style pottery over the course of three years. She is the first foreigner to study the Chaozhou style of handthrown teapot. She currently lives in North Carolina, making very small limited batches of high quality functional wares, including gong fu tea ware. When we are fortunate enough to acquire some of her work, they instantly becomes a collector's item.