Mutton Fat Jade Bell Teapot 羊脂玉瓷金鐘壺

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222.00 Grams
94 mL
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Mutton Fat Jade Bell Teapot (羊脂玉瓷金鐘壺, Yáng Zhī Yù Cí Jīn Zhōng Hú, "Mutton Fat Jade Porcelain Golden Bell Pot") - By popular request we've expanded our selection of Mutton Fat Jade Teapot styles. Renowned for its flawless beauty, matte luminosity, and excellent steeping characteristics, Mutton Fat Jade refers to a high grade porcelain from Dehua that is fired without glaze. High-fired and fully vitrified, these pots can be used with any kind of tea without taking on the flavor. 

This 94 ml Golden Bell teapot is the largest of our three new Mutton Fat Jade Porcelain pots. Its classic shape allows for a full expansion of leaves, flaring at the bottom where the leaves are housed, and tapering to an elegant top with a wide mouth. This shape is highly conducive to use for Anxi and Taiwanese oolongs, as well as other compressed teas that like plenty of room to expand. Its spout is expanded on its ventral side near the body of the pot, allowing for quick flow-through, and straightens along its dorsal side to provide a robust, powerful pour. This pot makes a charming addition to any tea service.