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Peacock Feather Dai Gaiwan

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163.00 Grams

This charming gaiwan is fully handmade by Liang Tu Studio, a husband-wife duo expressing Dai ceramic culture through gong fu tea ware. The Dai are an ethnic minority in Southwestern China, related to the Lao and Thai people, as well as the Shan people of Myanmar. The Dai have a deep cultural and spiritual relationship with the peacock, which is reflected in their art, clothing, religion, dance, and architecture. This gaiwan celebrates the auspicious symbol of the Dai Peacock with a naturalistic peacock feather motif. 

Seven feathers radiating from the center of the lid form an organic floral effect. Large, abstract feathers are applied with thick, textured oxide glaze and interspersed with dots, giving the impression of a peacock's tail feathers with their many eyes. The exterior of the foot is fully glazed, giving stability and balance to the aesthetic. The bases of the feathers on the bowl are separated by concentric crescents that reflect the floral presentation of the lid when viewed from below. 

The Liang Tu duo have been producing Han-style tea wares (ie gong fu tea ware) with a Dai flare, using Dai clay, for half a decade. Each one of our Liang Tu wares is handmade and absolutely unique. Dai clay holds heat well and will develop a patina if unglazed. This glazed gaiwan can be used with any kind of tea without being dedicated. Being from Yunnan, Dai pottery is well-suited for use with Pu Er due to its chemical and thermal properties.