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Pearl Web Dai Gaiwan

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165.00 Grams

This charming gaiwan gets its name from the distinctive design on its lid; ten sets of five dots radiate out from the center towards the rim, where they terminate in ten triangles, giving the impression of a spider's web strung with pearls of dew. The lightly-glazed, brown Dai clay body is painted with a thickly-applied, textured pattern of dots and triangles, continuing the lid motif albeit inverted, which point down towards twelve bulbous shapes resembling feathers or hot air balloons. These are interspersed with concentric triangles resembling mountains on a foundation of light and dark rings. The exterior of the foot features an alternating geometrical triangle pattern. Seen from the bottom, the bowl designs look like a sunflower with the foot as its center. 

The Liang Tu studio consists of a married couple; the husband is part of the eponymous Dai ethnic group and the wife is Han. They've been producing Han-style tea wares (ie gong fu tea ware) with a Dai flare, using Dai clay, for half a decade. Each one of our Liang Tu wares is handmade and absolutely unique. Dai clay holds heat well and will develop a patina if unglazed. This glazed gaiwan can be used with any kind of tea without being dedicated. Being from Yunnan, Dai pottery is well-suited for use with Pu'er due to its chemical and thermal properties.