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Unglazed Temple Dai Teapot

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208.00 Grams
235 mL

This striking hand-thrown, hand-painted teapot is made of Dai clay by the Liang Tu Studio in Xishuangbanna. This husband-wife duo combines traditional Dai motifs and abstract patterns to make unique gong fu tea ware. Dai people practice Theravada Buddhism, and Buddhist themes often find their way into Dai pottery. This pot features a simple, stylized Dai Buddhist temple face on one side. The floral/flame ornamentation that adorns the roof of the temple is iconic of Dai culture. This pot is medium-fired and completely unglazed; with consistent use, it will develop a beautiful dark patina and take on the flavor and character of tea made in it. A well-seasoned pot will enhance the depth of tea made in it. 

This pot is the only unglazed Dai pot available from this batch that features cobalt oxide painting. The coarse, porous Dai clay holds color and flavor beautifully, and has excellent heat retention. Being from Yunnan, this pot is especially well-suited for serving Sheng and Shu Pu'er, but is suitable for any high-temperature tea.