2008 Gold Tooth Shu Pu'er Bing 金牙熟普洱餅

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357.00 Grams
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Gold Tooth (金牙熟普洱餅 Jīn yá Shú pu'ěr bing) is one of a suite of new bings that were sourced for us by Li Shulin from his friends and family on Nannuo Mountain after the loss of his own house and tea stocks. Although he is making tea again, it will be many years before he has anything that would be considered "Aged". So Gold Tooth is his solution to us losing access to amazing aged shu pu ers like Dragon Bro and Cloudburst. The Chinese name for this tea is actually Gold Bud - a type of pu er made from the early spring harvest containing a lot of buds. We named it Gold Tooth because the phoneme for "tooth" and "bud" sound alike. 

As for the tea itself, it is a classic dry-stored shu pu er with a rounded profile not unlike some of the famous Dayi cakes like 8592. A smooth, mature, easy-drinking tea for people who like really dark, smooth pu er.