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Mutton Fat Jade Porcelain Tea Sets

Travel Gong Fu Cha Sets like this one are available in our teaware section, new teaware 10% off

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1992 Haunted Plum

We've obtained the last of the 1992 batch of Haunted Plum, get it now as its price will rise as stocks deplete!

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2013 Effulgence Bing

We've made the first Jian (48 bings) available of this aged white tea, it will be sold in the future but at increasing prices as it ages and supplies diminish.

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Learn More About Gong Fu Cha and Chinese Tea with So-Han

Gong Fu Tea|chA is an educational show airing on Youtube that features So-Han of West China Tea exploring the world of Gong Fu Cha and Chinese Tea

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