100 Coins: Sticky Rice Shu Pu'er Tea Coin 糯米香熟幣 WHOLESALE

Li Shulin

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350.00 Grams
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Sticky Rice Shu Pu'er Tea Coin (糯米香熟幣, Nuò Mǐ Xiāng Xiǎo Bì, "Sticky Rice Fragrance Ripened Coin") - This traditional style of scented Pu'er is popular with the Báizú 白族 ("Bai Ethnicity") minority peoples of Yunnan. Starting with high quality xiǎo duī zi 小堆子 ("small-pile") fermented Pu'er leaves from Nannuo Mountain, the tea is scented with the leaves of Nuò Mǐ Xiāng, an herb with a sweet cereal fragrance reminiscent of fresh cooked glutinous rice. The herb is said to aid in digestion, and complements the rich earthy character of Nannuo Shu Pu'er. It produces a dark, red-brown infusion combining the loamy depth of Shu with the pleasant toasted grain aroma of the sticky rice fragrance plant, set against a background of characteristic Nannuo Mountain minerality.

This tea coin includes 7g of pressed tea. The base color of the wrapper is brown, indicating that it is a Shu Pu'er. The ring is blue, indicating that this tea is made using herbal leaves--in this case, the leaves of the Nuò Mǐ Xiāng plant.