500g Black Phoenix 鳳凰紅茶 WHOLESALE

Lin Yaobin

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Black Phoenix (鳳凰紅茶, Fèng Huáng Hóng Chá, "Phoenix Red Tea") - An exquisite red tea made from a blend of oolong breeds from the Phoenix Mountains. These distinctive oolong breeds are normally kept separate and used to make dān cōng 單樅 ("single bush") oolong where each variety is a distinct genotype. By blending the late-spring harvested leaves of several different varietals and oxidizing them fully, Chao-An based tea farmer and tea master Lin Yaobin produces what the Chinese call hóng chá 紅茶 (“red tea”), known in the West as “black tea.” The skillful blending, oxidizing, and roasting of this tea gives it a rich, sweet cacao fragrance, with a hint of lychee and honey, a velvety mouthfeel and brilliant crimson liquor. Arguably the most luxurious red tea in our catalog.