500g Honey Orchid 蜜蘭香 WHOLESALE

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Honey Orchid (蜜蘭香, Mì Lán Xiāng, "Honey Orchid Fragrance") - Honey Orchid may well be considered the archetypal Phoenix oolong. When a tea shop or importer has a tea simply called "Phoenix oolong" with no distinct breed mentioned, there's a good chance it is Honey Orchid, or a blend with a large proportion of Honey Orchid in its makeup. Its evocative name perfectly describes the combination of sweet and floral fragrances, with a tangy mouthfeel and a dynamic, syrupy, and complex after-fragrance. Honey Orchid epitomizes many of the characteristics that distinguish Phoenix Oolongs, including a fruity, peach-like flavor that is expressed in different ways across different breeds of medium-oxidized Phoenix teas.