500g Honey Peach 蜜桃香 WHOLESALE

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500.00 Grams
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Honey Peach (蜜桃香, Mì Táo Xiāng, "Honey Peach Fragrance") - A descendant of classic breeds Honey Orchid and Apricot Kernel, this unique breed is one of the tastiest Phoenix oolongs. This tea showcases the stone-fruit character that is the hallmark of medium-oxidized Phoenix oolongs. The floral fragrances of Honey Orchid are restrained, giving way to a more complete expression of fruity notes. The after-fragrance is reminiscent of hot peach juice, and the Qi is round, warm, and expansive. This hybrid also has less capacity for bitterness than either of its ancestors. The combination of sweetness, abundant fragrance, accessibility, and ease of brewing make it an excellent entry into the world of Phoenix oolongs, which can be a sophisticated and sometimes challenging category for beginners.