500g Red Tara 紅多羅菩薩 WHOLESALE

Li Shulin

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Red Tara (紅多羅菩薩, Hóng Duōluó Púsà, "Red Tara") - This refined Yunnan Red Tea is made from the Buddha Fragrance cultivar of the Pu'er plant. Buddha Fragrance is bred for its profusion of small, downy buds, which turn golden as the tea is oxidized and sun-dried. A new exploration for Nannuo Mountain tea master Li Shulin, this elegant red tea is exceptionally fragrant and has sweet, woody and floral notes. The Qi is warm and welcoming. Due to its softness, sweetness, and association with Buddhism, we named this tea Red Tara after the Tibetan Buddhist Bodhisattva of the same name who is the Remover of Obstacles.