50g 2019 Lumen Bai Mu Dan White Tea 流明白牡丹白茶

Li Yanmei

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2019 Lumen Bai Mudan White Tea (流明白牡丹白茶, Liú Míng Bái Mǔdān Báichá, "Flowing Brightness White Peony White Tea") - White Peony is the second grade of Fuding White Tea - between the early-spring, all-bud Silver Needle and the late-spring Shou Mei harvest which is mostly leaves. As such White Peony contains a mix of buds and leaves, producing a tea that is light and floral when fresh, deepening in flavor gradually to a sweet, bright tea with a golden liquor and crisp mouthfeel as it ages. 

The saying in Fuding referring to White Teas goes "One year tea, three years medicine, seven years treasure." This three-year-old tea is beginning to exhibit the depth of character and nourishing Qi of an aged Fuding tea, while retaining the floral notes and brightness of a fresh buddy white. Its median age and mixture of buds and leaves gives it a complex profile of white grape, apple, and dried apricot.