Bouncing Ball Yixing Purple Sand Teapot 掇球宜興紫砂茶壺

Xiao Zhu Xuan

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111.00 Grams
135 mL

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Bouncing Ball Yixing Purple Sand Teapot (掇球宜興紫砂茶壺, Duō Qiú Yíxìng Zǐshā Cháhú, "Bouncing Ball Yixing Purple Sand Teapot") - This unique shape dates back to the Qing dynasty. One of the most popular mid-size teapot shapes, this unique piece is made of aged purple sand clay from Yixing and hand-thrown in Chaozhou by potter Chen Zhu. The "Bouncing Ball" refers to the spherical body of the pot, mirrored in the rounded lid. It gives plenty of room for expansion and is suitable for any expansive teas, including Anxi and Taiwanese oolongs, as well as pressed teas such a aged white tea and Pu'er. 

Due to the porosity of the clay, this pot should be dedicated to a single type or category of tea. The clay will absorb the flavor and character of the tea and amplify those aspects, improving the tea after many uses.