Gold Bell Yixing Clay Teapot 德钟藝興茶壶

Xiao Zhu Xuan

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Gold Bell Yixing Clay Teapot (德钟藝興茶壶, Dé Zhōng Yìxìng Cháhú, "Gold Bell Yixing Teapot") This clay is known as "Gold Crimson Clay", which seems like an oxymoron. It is so-named because it is gold in color but unlike the yellow-colored Duàn Ní "sectioned clay", it is a pure Yixing clay and it behaves more like crimson clay (Zhūní) than purple sand clay (Zǐshā) with respect to how it contracts when fired, its physical properties such as heat retention and acoustic qualities, and its effect on the tea.

Like other Yixing clays, it is porous and will absorb the flavor of tea steeped in it, developing a patina with use and in turn influencing the character of tea made in it. For this reason it is recommended that this pot be dedicated to a particular type of tea, so that the flavor of the pot isn't adulterated. 

The Chinese name of this pot shape is De Zhong, meaning "Virtuous Bell," so named for its bell-shaped profile featuring a wide, round belly with straight, gently curving sides that taper to a wide mouth. It's 125 ml and is suitable for a range of different teas. 

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    Happy New Tea Pot Owner :)

    Posted by Amber on Jan 22nd 2024

    I chose this pot as my first teapot and have enjoyed using it so much… the pour is beautiful and it’s equally beautiful to look at. I chose to dedicate this pot to shu pu’er so I could do longer hotter steepings without the risk of a hot gawain, so far it has totally lived up to my expectations.