Mutton Fat Jade Porcelain Travel Set

Le Tao

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500.00 Grams
120 mL
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This exquisite two-person travel set is made of luminous Mutton Fat Jade Porcelain from Dehua, Fujian. The creamy texture and ethereal glow of this clay are the result of a specific ratio of flux to Kaolin, which must fall within an extremely narrow window to produce a matte finish while remaining translucent. The elegant design consists of a ~120 ml pitcher with a beautiful, clean pour. Nested inside of it is a pierced porcelain strainer with fast-draining micro-perforated bottom and decorative pierced cloud motif on the sides that also help to control drainage. It comes with two ~30 ml egg-shaped cups. All the pieces stack safely and seamlessly together and zip up into a form-fitting hard case roughly the size of a mango. Perfect for sharing tea on the go, this set is beautiful and functional enough to be a home-use or office-use tea set for two.

6 Reviews

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    Posted by Brady Gipson on May 15th 2024

    This set is simply amazing. Great for at home, simply perfect for on the go. I use it mainly while playing games to simplify the tea making process. It has allowed me to enjoy my tea more often because it makes multi tasking a breeze. Not to mention the sheer beauty of the set itself. 10/10 Highly recommend.

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    Great design for travel

    Posted by Ardeth on Mar 2nd 2023

    Although this works very well at home, it really shines for travel. You can make any tea in it, so no need to carry different pots for different kinds of tea. The strainer can be lifted out to function as a fair pot that fills the little cups (that fit perfectly inside) four times with one steeping. The little cloud ears on the side of the fair pot keep fingers from burning, although the cups have no such protection, so you'll have to wait a few minutes to enjoy your tea when steeping teas that need boiling water. I love the cloud pattern, which is appropriate since you can take this set out to enjoy your tea while looking at real clouds. Comes in a little carrying case that will fit in a purse, backpack or even a big coat pocket. Arrived quickly and safely.

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    Well designed

    Posted by REM on Jun 22nd 2022

    This will be the only travel set I will ever need. As with the other mutton fat jade porcelain pieces I've purchased here, this set has a reassuring heft. Easy to clean, perfect size for one or two people, cool enough to the touch (thanks to the cloud handles), and very portable - just as one would hope.

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    Perhaps the cutest object I've ever held

    Posted by PF on Apr 30th 2022

    I honestly can't describe just how much I love this set! The matte finish is soft and smooth, the pour is perfect, the whole pitcher is translucent in the sun despite its thickness, and all the adorable decorative elements (especially the clouds carved into the lid) are perfectly integrated into the design. No curve or mark is out of place. I'm certain in saying that whoever designed this set poured their love into it, and I'm grateful they did. I know it's kinda absurd just how much I'm gushing here, but it's honestly one of my favorite belongings I've ever owned. The one criticism I have for it is that the hard case smells a little bit like the fabric dye or treatment that was used on it, and I'd like to wash it to get the smell out, but I'm worried there might be cardboard in it that shouldn't get wet. But that's a minor concern compared to how lovely this set is. If it ever breaks, I'll be saving up money to buy a replacement in a heartbeat. ☆彡

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    Beautiful and effortless

    Posted by Lisa on Dec 7th 2021

    This is an absolutely beautiful travel set, perfect for a relaxing cup of cha at the office or while on vacation. The set is elegant and graceful, and the pour is effortless thanks to a well-balanced vessel.

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    ASMR Dream

    Posted by Captain Ines Capable on Oct 7th 2021

    I absolutely adore this travel tea set! It is very forgiving of a fair amount of clumsiness and forgetfulness (you can always bleach it back to translucent glory if it gets stained). I really recommend this for when you want an elegant yet fuss free tea service. The way the clay feels when you hold it!