Fat Wheel Pearl Purple Sand Yixing Clay Teapot 紫砂胖輪珠

Xiao Zhu Xuan

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146.00 Grams
170 mL

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Fat Wheel Pearl Purple Sand Yixing Clay Teapot (紫砂胖輪珠, Zǐshā Pàng Lún Zhū, "Purple Sand Fat Wheel Pearl") - This quirky teapot is made of authentic Yixing purple sand clay in a classic Chaozhou teapot shape, the Fat Wheel Pearl. Distinctive for its chubby form, wide, stout spout, and shallow knob with a large carburetor, this teapot has one of the fastest pours of any teapot shape we've seen. This makes it ideal for teas that are especially time sensitive, such as Phoenix oolongs, Sheng pu'er, and red teas. NOTE: because of its wide spout, you can't stop the flow of the pot by covering the carburetor. Although the seal on the teapot is tight, the width of the spout allows air to enter through the spout. The wide spout is a feature of this teapot design.