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Reminiscence Chaozhou Crimson Clay Teapot 念潮州朱泥茶壺

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121.00 Grams
90 mL

Reminiscence Chaozhou Crimson Clay Teapot (念潮州朱泥茶壺, Niàn Cháozhōu Zhūní Chá Hú, "Reminiscence Chaozhou Crimson Clay Tea Pot") - This idiosyncratic teapot is named Niàn 念, meaning to miss or reminisce upon something. A mid-sized pot with a full, round body, a chubby spout, and bulbous handle, it presents a charmingly plump aspect. This teapot is made from the native Chaozhou Crimson Clay, distinct from the celebrated Yixing Zhuni. It is softer and smoother than its famous Yixing cousin, adding to the chubbiness of this pot. Although it lacks the granularity and high, resonant tone of Yixing Zhuni, Chaozhou Crimson Clay is a high-grade, porous, medium-fired stoneware that will quickly take on the flavor of any tea made in it. 

The narrow mouth of this teapot allows it to retain heat well. Combined with its capacious paunch, this makes it suitable for all forms of oolong, particularly Phoenix Dancong oolongs, being made of clay from the same region. I've also used Chaozhou clay pots with Aged White and Pu'er teas, and it takes on the flavor and color beautifully.

Due to the porosity of the clay, this pot should be dedicated to a single type or category of tea. The clay will absorb the flavor and character of the tea and amplify those aspects, improving the tea after many uses.