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Tea Journal by Lindsay Lee

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9.80 Grams

The long-awaited Tea Journal by our own Lindsay Lee is now available through West China Tea.

This journal was designed by Lindsay as a way of organizing the encyclopedic amount of information there is to remember about each tea - not just information about the tea itself, but the steeping parameters and subjective experience of drinking the tea. From basic data such as the cultivar, source, and type down to high-granularity metrics such as growing altitude, pouring method used, empty cup fragrance and tasting notes for up to 5 steepings, this is the first tea journal (to our knowledge) designed specifically for practitioners of Gong Fu Cha. 

Softcover volume features forewords by Lindsay and So-Han, a detailed guide on how to use the journal, a blank table of contents and space for 72 entries. 

This has quickly become as indispensable as a kettle for our tea community here in Austin, we hope you enjoy yours!