5g 2021 Shou Mei Dragon Ball 壽眉龍球

Li Yanmei

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5.00 Grams
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2021 Shou Mei Dragon Ball (壽眉龍球, Shòu Méi Lóng Qiú, "Longevity Eyebrow Dragon Ball") - These single-pot 5 gram dragon balls (a small spherical cake of tea without a divot) are perfect for introducing someone (including yourself) to the taste of aged white tea without committing to a full bing. Shou Mei is a grade of white tea that is mostly leaves (as opposed to buds) and ages more quickly than finer grades like White Peony and Silver Needle, attaining a deep, rich flavor with notes of dried stone fruit and a honey fragrance. The liquor is red and has a sweet lingering huí gān 回甘 ("returning sweetness"). A great tea to put in your bag or pocket and make anywhere you find hot water, aged white tea can be brewed “grandpa style” and does quite well that way, as it does not get bitter with long infusions. This tea will continue to get better with age. As the classic white tea idiom goes: “one year tea, three years medicine, seven years treasure.”