1000g Gao Shan Shui Xian 高山水仙 WHOLESALE

Xu Zheng Cong

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Gao Shan Shui Xian (高山水仙, Gāo Shān Shuǐ Xiān, “High Mountain Water Immortal”) - Shui Xian is one of the classic, ancestral oolong breeds. Originating in the Phoenix Mountains, this cultivar has made its way to most oolong-producing regions, including the Wuyi Mountains. We started acquiring this as a more affordable alternative to our Lǎo Cóng Shuǐ Xiān, which is considered a higher-grade tea specifically because of the advanced age of the plants. Gāo Shān Shuǐ Xiān comes from younger plants and is grown at high altitude. For this reason, the Qi is not as strong as Lǎo Cóng Shuǐ Xiān, but it exhibits a sweeter and more complex fragrance. This tea is distinctive for its long, lingering huí gān 回甘 ("returning sweetness”), which coats the inside of the mouth and extends down the throat with an expanding roasted syrup quality. It has a cheerful, warming character and is an excellent daily drinker, as well as an accessible entry to the world of Wuyi Oolongs. The cup fragrance is rich with notes of brown sugar, buttered toast, and roasted chestnuts.