1000g Gu Shu Banpo Village Sheng Pu'er 半坡寨古樹茶 WHOLESALE

Li Shulin

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1,000.00 Grams
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Gu Shu Banpo Village Sheng Pu'er (半坡寨古樹茶, Bàn Pō Zhài Gǔ Shù Chá, "Banpo Village Ancient Tree Tea") - The nature of Sheng Pu'er appreciation emphasizes the Qi of the plant more heavily than the flavor or fragrance. As such, the most highly prized Pu'er comes from tea trees of advanced age that have had a long time to accumulate Qi. This is known as Gǔ Shù Chá 古樹茶 ("Ancient Tree Tea"). Because ancient trees are all genetically distinct, and also because they are rare, a given batch of ancient tree Sheng Pu'er would generally be sourced from a diverse assortment of related but not identical tea plants. In order to achieve a distinctive profile in tea made from these ancient plants, one must narrow their source material to plants growing in increasingly smaller patches. The Gu Shu Cha harvested from a single patch carries a more well-defined dì wèi 地味 ("earth taste") with each patch having its own unique attributes. On Nannuo Mountain, Banpo Village is known for producing very fragrant tea.