1000g Huli Jing Wild White 曬乾千年野生白茶 WHOLESALE

Li Shulin

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Huli Jing Wild White (曬乾千年野生白茶, Shài Gān Qiān Nián Yě Shēng Bái Chá, "Sun-Dried Thousand Year Wild White Tea") comes from the Camellia crassicolumna tea trees. Known in Yunnan as "Wild Tea," these trees  are  the  source of Ya Bao and Qian Nian Ye Sheng Cha. While Ya Bao is made from the mid-winter buds of the Camellia crassicolumna plants, Wild White is made from the fully emerged, open leaves of these trees. While the exact relationship between these trees and the cultivated Camelia sinensis plants (as well as the cultivated Pu'er plants which are their own subspecies) is unclear, the prevalent theory is that they are one of the wild ancestors of the cultivated tea plants. Studies show that Camelia crassicolumna likely does not produce caffeine, although it does contain L theanine, EGCG, theobromine, and many of the other tea phytochemicals. This white version is picked and sun-dried with no cooking process, giving it a sweet, soft flavor that is reminiscent of Raw Ya Bao but slightly more robust. The Qi, like Ya Bao, is euphoric and floating, but with a more grounded and active character. An excellent tea for those avoiding caffeine but want to drink actual tea.