1000g Magnolia Fragrance 玉蘭香 WHOLESALE

Lin Yaobin

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Magnolia Fragrance (玉蘭香, Yù Lán Xiāng, "Jade Orchid Fragrance") - One of the ten original Phoenix oolong breeds. Magnolia is called Yù Lán 玉蘭 (“Jade Orchid”) in Chinese, and the Chinese magnolia is one of the most prized of flowers and floral fragrances in China. The Chinese magnolia has a different shape and perfume than the American magnolia. This tea really does have a fragrance evocative of the sweet summer smell of fresh magnolia blossoms, with high notes of rose, orchid, and lychee. One of our all-time favorite Phoenix oolongs, this tea is a masterpiece of careful roasting by Master Lin Yaobin.