1000g Osmanthus Green 桂花茶 WHOLESALE

Zhang Zhou

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Osmanthus Green (桂花茶, Guì Huā Chá, "Osmanthus Tea") is Seven Immortals Peak green tea blended with Osmanthus flowers. Osmanthus is a species of flowering olive whose flower is celebrated throughout China for its fragrance. Nowhere is this more true than in the region of Guilin, capital of Guangxi Province. The name Guilin 桂林 means "Forest of Osmanthus" and the tree is abundant and iconic to the region. Using the Osmanthus blossoms to scent local green tea is a longstanding tradition, as the tea leaves hold the fragrance of the flowers. One of only a handful of scented teas in our catalog, this tea is made from the outstanding high quality green tea produced in Seven Immortals Peak in Yangshuo, a small town near Guilin famed for its scenic mountain geography. The delicate, sweet fragrance of the Osmanthus pairs perfectly with the crisp mouthfeel of the green tea.