100g 2009 Nannuo Sun-Dried Red 陳年曬乾紅茶

Li Shulin

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2009 Nannuo Sun-Dried Red (陳年曬乾紅茶, Chén Nián Shài Gān Hóng Chá, "Old Year Sun-Dried Red Tea") - This tea is made from the big leaf varietal of the Yunnan tea plant that is used to make Pu'er. It differs in process from Pu'er and most process of red tea in that it is never cooked. Instead the fresh leaves are rolled and massaged, breaking the cell walls and releasing the enzyme polyphenol oxidase which catalyzes the oxidation of the leaves. The tea leaves are massaged between one and three times over the course of the day and left in the shade to rest in between. By nightfall the green leaves have turned brick red. The oxidation gives this tea its refreshingly light astringency and its deep, sweet woody character. This 10-year-aged version of our classic sun-dried Yunnan red has a deep, dark character due to its age with a mossy flavor and a pronounced fruity huí gān 回甘 ("returning sweetness").