100g Buddha Fragrance 佛香茶

Li Shulin

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100.00 Grams

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Buddha Fragrance (佛香茶, Fú Xiāng Chá, "Buddha Fragrance Tea") is a Yunnan cultivar that has prominent downy buds and long, slender leaves. It has a permeating, soft sweetness that has a diffuse powdery quality to it - for example, when made into black tea it has a sweetness more reminiscent of cocoa powder than cacao. This Sheng Pu'er version has a distinct malted milk flavor, with mellow, grainy, toasty fragrances. When steeped with cool water the liquor is pale green, thick, and refreshing. The leaves and buds are rolled together into elegant coils, which in addition to giving this tea a beautiful appearance makes the tea last longer and steep slower (at the beginning). Once the rolls unfurl, the tea will release flavor much faster and should be steeped more quickly than the initial steepings.