100g Flash Noon 閃午

A Long

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100.00 Grams
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Flash Noon 閃午 shǎn wǔ "Flash Noon" - Chaozhou tea master A Long is the author of many of our Phoenix Dancong Oolongs, and he produces dozens more that we don't carry. As much as we would love to offer them all, all the time, we only have so much in the way of space and resources. So when he sends us samples of his other offerings, we have to be very judicious about which ones make the cut. 

We first tried Flash Noon in 2022, when it was sent as a sample. We loved it immediately but weren't able to secure a batch until a few months ago, and only now have managed to get it on the website. 

Flash Noon demonstrates some of the classic qualities of a traditional charcoal-roasted Phoenix Oolong, with a profile favoring the dark, hearty character of Shui Xian or Apricot Kernel. A distinct high-oxidation, roasted character gives way to delicate high notes of peach, set over a pipe tobacco body and a spicy, resinous fragrance reminiscent of oud. 

A beautiful tea with just the right combination of uniqueness and intrigue to make it into our catalogue.