100g Gao Shan Rou Gui 高山肉桂

Xu Zheng Cong

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100.00 Grams

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Gao Shan Rou Gui (高山肉桂, Gāo Shān Ròu Guì, "High Mountain Cassia") -  Rou Gui is one of the most classic cultivars grown in the Wuyi Mountains, and its name means "Cassia", or Chinese cinnamon, due to its rich, warm sweetness. This year we have three different Rou Gui, distinguished from each other by location. This Rou Gui is from a less specific region than Horse Meat or Zheng Yan Rou Gui and is made from plants grown at high altitude. Why do we have three different versions of the same tea? Because they're all good and have different nuances. Gao Shan Rou Gui yields a robust dark liquor with a more pronounced roasted character than its sister teas, with a "chewy" mouthfeel, oak and vanilla notes, and an afterfragrance of brown sugar.