100g Gu Shu Shitou Village Sheng Pu'er 石頭寨古樹茶

Li Shulin

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Gu Shu Shitou Village Sheng Pu'er (石頭寨古樹茶, Shítou Zhài Gǔ Shù Chá, "Stone Village Ancient Tree Tea") - The Shitou Village (or "Stone Village") patch is one of the most famous ancient tree patches on Nannuo Mountain. Located at a slightly lower elevation than the Duoyi patch, tea from this area is famed for its distinctive minerality and bitter taste. It is noteworthy that in Chinese tea culture in general, and especially Sheng Pu'er culture, bitterness or kǔ 苦 is considered a distinct flavor from astringency or sè 涩. While sè 涩 is an undesirable attribute, characterised by a puckering quality and rough mouthfeel, kǔ 苦 is often considered medicinal, and even desirable. In fact, in China, I've heard it said: "If it isn't bitter, it isn't tea" (不苦不是茶, bù kǔ bùshì chá). This saying transcends beyond tea culture; it is also used broadly to refer to suffering that is inherent in existence. For this reason, it is included in the blend of ancient tree Nannuo teas that makes up Immortal Dew as a foil to the sweetness of Duoyi tea and the fragrance of Banpo tea. This tea is not, however, solely defined by its bitterness, and when steeped properly it exhibits a complex fragrance, a resonant and lingering mouthfeel, and a brothy umami savor.