100g Heaven's Cloud Snow Jasmine 天雲茉莉花茶

Ding Ding Xiang

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100.00 Grams
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Heaven's Cloud Snow Jasmine (天雲茉莉花茶, Tiān Yún Mòlì Huā Chá, "Heaven Cloud Jasmine Flower Tea") - Jasmine Tea is one of the most familiar forms of Chinese tea to Western audiences. Originally produced by scenting green tea with jasmine flowers to surreptitiously increase its floral fragrance and make it appear higher quality than it was, this somewhat shady tradition has been elevated into a style in its own right. This jasmine is a very high grade of our classic Floating Snow Jasmine, a favorite in the tea houses of Chengdu, which is notable for being naturally scented with real jasmine flowers (which remain in the finished product) as opposed to being sprayed with artificial jasmine fragrance, as is commonly the case for cheaper jasmine teas. 

"Heaven's Cloud" is a grade 2.5x more expensive than our normal grade of Floating Snow, which is already fancy by jasmine standards. Produced by the same collective - Ding Ding Xiang - it uses higher altitude and earlier spring leaves and buds. The marriage of the delicate early-spring E'mei mountain green tea with aromatic jasmine blossoms is expertly balanced; the jasmine complements, rather than overwhelms, the green tea base. The skillful blending of these plants achieves a unified bouquet with a buttery mouthfeel and notes ranging from jasmine to honeysuckle and lychee.

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