100g Iron Arhat 鐵羅漢

Xu Zheng Cong

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100.00 Grams

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Iron Arhat (鐵羅漢, Tiě Luó Hàn, "Iron Arhat") refers to the iron statues of the 108 disciples of the Buddha who achieved enlightenment. It is one of the Wuyi mountains' four famous bushes. It gets its name from its legendary creator, a Buddhist monk known for his dark complexion and martial prowess who had the nickname “Iron Arhat”. It is heavily oxidized, being charcoal roasted and possessing a robust, coffee-like flavor, this taste is known as the tiě wèi 鐵味 (“Iron Taste”). It shares this quality with the similarly named though unrelated Tiě Guān Yīn of Anxi county. It is the darkest of the Wuyi oolongs with lingering notes of burnt sugar and chestnut with a warming and grounding Qi.