100g The East is Red 東方紅

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The East is Red (東方紅, Dōng Fāng Hóng, “The East is Red”) - this phrase is a famous poetical allusion to the crimson color of the Chinese sunrise, however in more modern times this phrase took on a distinctly communist tone. For this reason, when Chairman Mao traveled through Chao Zhou at the foot of the Phoenix mountains in the 1970s, he was presented with Dong Fang Hong as a gift. The tea is currently the rarest and most valuable Phoenix Mountain Single Bush Oolong that we source. Its strawberry-blonde liquor is complimented by a sweet berry-syrup nose with hints of cacao, hazelnut oil, pecan, and shell of walnut. Flavors of apricot and browned butter abound, accented by a strong, uplifting magic-carpet Qi.