100g Ultra Violet Mini Bing 紫娟紅小餅

Li Shulin

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Purple Leaf:

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Ultra Violet Mini Bing (紫娟紅小餅, Zǐ Juān Hóng Xiǎo Bǐng, "Purple Grace Red Mini Bing") - This tea is made from the leaves of the Zǐ Juān 紫娟 (“Purple Grace”) varietal of the Pu'er tea plant. Prized for its exquisite color, medicinal qualities, and powerful, euphoric Qi, this tea takes on a warm and sensual dimension when oxidized in the style of Nannuo Sun Dried Red. This tea has a musky aroma with notes of fresh red grape skin and a sweet and refreshing flavor reminiscent of dark berries and plum. When pressed into a bing, it acquires additional depth as well as a jammy character.

This mini bing includes 100g of pressed tea. The base color of the wrapper is red, indicating that it is a Red Tea. The bat is violet, indicating that this tea is made from Zǐ Juān 紫娟 ("Purple Grace") leaves.

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    A social favorite ^_^

    Posted by Lynn Perez on Jun 16th 2023

    As I've been making my way through the new hong cha's by li shulin, this bing has been one of the favourite ones amongst friends I share tea with. While the qi of Man Le red has grown to be my personal favourite from the new reds (more grounding and meditative), friends both new and experienced with tea really love the more euphoric qi of UV. The tea is very aromatic; has an attention-grabbing, almost fizzy mouthfeel; and a flavour profile that's more candy-like rather than jammy. Think fruity breath candies with their respective freshness, accompanied with a slight note of tropical fruits. This tea is hard to over-brew, and delivers a great experience taste-wise wether you go "too light," "too hard," or just right. WCT has become one of my top red tea vendors. If you're exploring red teas, definitely give this tea, man le red, and gamma ray red a chance: they are notably distinct one from the other and offer different experiences. It's really a great way to explore how diverse red tea can be, even though it doesn't always seem so.