10g 2018 Honey Cloud Bai Mu Dan 蜜雲白牡丹白茶

Li Yanmei

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10.00 Grams

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2018 Honey Cloud Bai Mu Dan (蜜雲白牡丹白茶, Mì Yún Bái Mǔdān Bái Chá, "Honey Cloud White Peony White Tea") - We named this juicy, sweet Aged White Tea Bing "Honey Cloud" because it's like being enveloped in a mist of sweet, golden honey illuminated by the light of the setting sun. 

White Peony is the second grade of Fuding White Tea - between the early-spring, all-bud Silver Needle and the late-spring Shou Mei harvest which is mostly leaves. As such White Peony contains a mix of buds and leaves, producing a tea that is light and floral when fresh, deepening in flavor gradually to a sweet, bright tea with a golden liquor and crisp mouthfeel as it ages. 

The saying in Fuding referring to White Teas goes "One year tea, three years medicine, seven years treasure." At four years old, this bright, crisp tea produces a golden broth with a lingering sweet fragrance and notes of apple and honey, deepening to apricot.