10g 2021 Handmade Autumn Sheng Pu'er 手制秋天生普洱

Li Shulin

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10.00 Grams

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2021 Handmade Autumn Sheng Pu'er (手制秋天生普洱, Shǒuzhì Qiūtiān Shēng Pǔ'ěr, "Handmade Autumn Sheng Pu'er") - In the summer of 2021 our main tea farmer, Li Shulin, lost his home, tea collection, tea processing equipment, and car to a fire. Through the generous donations of our community we were able to support him financially in buying a new house and tea processing facility. In the interim, he produced a single fall harvest's worth of tea. Lacking tea processing machinery, all of this tea is fully handmade. One of those teas is this October-harvested loose leaf Sheng Pu'er (maocha), of which there is only a kilogram. It's not specifically ancient tree (gushu) material - Autumn harvests are smaller across the board and there's not enough ancient tree tea leaves to make an all-gushu batch worthwhile. Although it is Nannuo sheng pu'er produced by Li Shulin, it is unique in being fully hand-made and harvested in the fall (most of our Li Shulin Sheng Pu'er is made from Spring-harvested tea). There is only a kilogram of it to begin with so we are making it available to Teahouse Members first. This tea represents Li Shulin's comeback to tea farming.