10g Pomelo Flower 柚花香

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Pomelo Flower (柚花香, Yòu Huā Xiāng, "Pomelo Flower Fragrance") - This is one of the ten classic ancestral strains of Phoenix Oolong. Like most of the other ten original strains, it is named after another plant whose fragrance it resembles. The pomelo is a citrus tree native to southern China that is prized for its large, grapefruit-like fruit as well as its aromatic blossoms, for which this tea is named. This medium-oxidized Phoenix Oolong has a warm, sunny floral fragrance and a round, fruity body with just a whisper of citrus. The after-fragrance has notes of molasses and orange peel, with toasty notes from the traditional charcoal roasting process. Combining a complex bouquet with a robust body and balanced profile, this is an excellent entry point into the world of Phoenix Oolongs.