10g Red Monkey Chief 紅猴魁

He Xiaoling

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10.00 Grams
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Red Monkey Chief (紅猴魁, Hóng Hóu Kuí, "Red Monkey Chief") This Red tea is the oxized version of my favorite green tea Tàipíng Hóu Kuí (平猴魁, "Great Peace Monkey Chief"). The tea plants used to make the green tea version can only be harvested in a very narrow window early in spring, but later in the spring there are leaves they can harvest that aren't fine enough to be used for Tàipíng Hóu Kuí. So They oxidize them into this beautiful red tea. Whereas the green early spring Tàipíng Hóu Kuí is very expensive, the later spring harvest is affordable and really showcases the unique terrior of Huáng Shān (黃山, “Yellow Mountain") in Ānhuī province.